What Now?

After the long saga with Gundren Rockseeker, having returned to Phandalin and enjoying a well-deserved rest; our mismatch group of adventurers are left wondering to themselves, what now?

The adventurers notice or are approached by a mysterious Shady Figure and handed a note before it quickly slips away.

The note reads:
“To the heroes of Neverwinter,
Please, we are in need of your help. There is a wizard practicing dark magic in these parts and we fear that they will reach our village next. If you can find it in yourselves, please come to Hadleigh, it is just 10 miles northwest of Neverwinter. That is all the information I have for you, please hurry.

P.S. I’ve heard a name, Glasstaff."


jordandyson17 jordandyson17

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