Gordon Tyson

Human, Guard of Phandalin


Str, 17 (3) Dex, 13 (1) Con, 15 (2) Int, 11 (0) Wis, 13 (1) Cha, 13 (+1)

13 AC

Shortsword – 5 to hit, 6 (1d63) piercing damage.
Longbow – 3 to hit, 6 (1d81) piercing damage.

Str & Con saves.


First met by the travelers in the townhall of Phandalin, Gordon Tysons first taste of adventuring came as he helped them clear out the bandits from the cellar of Tresendar Manor. Since then Gordon quit the guard to be an adventurer.

Gordon is very poilite and respectful.
Loyal (would die for those who fight with him).

Gordon Tyson

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